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SICOD Implementation

SICOD will provide an affordable GTS solution

Laying the foundation for your current and future global trade activities, SICOD will integrate a central component into your existing business framework; allowing you to use existing business processes and master data. SICOD's experience from SAP® Global Trade Services implementations gives us the experience to minimize disruptions to your organization and make the integration optimized for your business processes.

SICOD wants to understand your business needs, by doing so, enables us to integrate SAP® GTS with your existing Sales, Logistical and Financial business processes. With SICOD implementing SAP® GTS you will increase your competitiveness and capitalize from your cross border transactions.

SICOD implements a central component providing a central repository to update, to maintain and to manage your global transactions. SICOD will integrate SAP® GTS seamlessly to your existing landscape providing a platform to enrich your business processes from a single point ensuring consistency and transparency into your global activities. This platform only needs to be updated and maintained in accordance to compliance regulations and customs procedures leveraging your existing global trade resources.

Holistic view

  • Centrally manage your global trade
  • Standardized processes throughout your organization
  • Increased transparency

Central repository

  • Centrally create, distribute and store trade documents
  • Easier to update and maintain
  • Leverage resources