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Welcome to SICOD

SICOD (System Integration Consulting and Development) was founded in 1998 by a group of IT professionals with extensive knowledge of the SAP market and practical experience in implementing SAP products on national and international scale. They noticed a growing gap as organizations were struggling to overcome issues arisen by using SAP Systems. As a result, SICOD was established and since then has been growing dynamically, enlarging its business by operating in three different locations. We have constantly been developing new tools and training more consultants to help more customers ever since.

How can SICOD help you?

Using our combination of specialized tools and expertise, SICOD helps global organizations to restructure and improve their Global trade processes within existing SAP systems to ensure, that IT is aligned to help to achieve their business objectives. In Global Trade Services, SICOD can help you to implement an affordable IT solution, laying the foundation for your global trade activities.