"History is who we are and why we are the way we are." David C. McCullough

SICOD was founded in 1998. Since the establishment, the company has broadened its business to three different locations in United Kingdom, Slovakia and Germany and is constantly increasing the number of employees. SICOD operates on national and international level offering its expert consulting and development services to customers all over the world.


  • SICOD China was opened


  • SICOD is launching a new major development project with SAP AG
  • SICOD introduces SAP GTS on Italian market


  • Due to constant rise in project number, SICOD is considerably increasing the number of employees, in both GTS and SLO team
  • SICOD triggers direct sales in Europe and USA
  • SICOD successfully implements 12 GTS projects. SICOD thereby enables the customers:
    • be compliant with the electronic customs communication with full integration in logistic processes
    • benefit from special customs procedures
    • harness preference agreements including configured materials and enabling subcontracting preference calculation service
    • ensure compliance with automated product-specific and partner-based checks


  • Despite global recession, SICOD finishes record year with more than 250 SLO projects worldwide
  • Foundation of SICOD GmbH in Germany for expert GTS consulting


  • SICOD delivers more than 200 projects a year to customers in Europe, America and Australia


  • Foundation of SICOD Slovakia s.r.o. to extend the near-shore development center with worldwide consulting activities


  • Market introduction of the SICOD Duplicate Scan Service
  • Start of partnership with BESET for joined shared service center


  • SICOD establishes new services for SAP Utilities, supporting customers in the realization of financial and organizational separation of service in the energy industry
  • Support for SAP AG with implementation of New General Ledger


  • First-ever SAP BW data conversion project using SICOD technology is carried out for a major French customer by the newly established SICOD BW expert group


  • Market introduction of SICOD Data Analysis Services for system consolidations


  • SICOD successfully sets live the 100th SLO project


  • Successful foundation of the Bratislava (Slovakia) Center of Excellence for near-shore development and service delivery


  • Acquisition of EXPOL Consulting s.r.o. in Slovakia


  • SICOD is founded 1998 by a group of IT professionals with extensive knowledge of the SAP market and practical experience of implementing SAP products on a national and international basis
  • Successful launch of cooperation with SAP Consulting for SLO data conversion projects