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Document Integration

Streamline business processes and increasing data accuracy

SICOD provides solutions to help the automation of documentation creation and improve the flow of business processes. Paper work is an integral part to the trade operations because processes rely on documentation to direct, monitor and record the flow of organizational activities. Not providing the correct documentation to the required parties at the right time can hold up the flow of business processes and lead to bottlenecks.

SAP Interactive Forms uses your organization’s transactional data to pre-fill documents and minimize the need for manual data entries, enabling automation of documentation creation, giving centralized access and distribution with in your existing SAP systems. Helping your organization streamline business processes, increasing data accuracy and boost the overall efficiency of your daily operations.
SICOD configures SAP Interactive Forms to meet your requirements, whether it be; creating new or modifying existing SAP Interactive Forms in alignment with your organization and country specific needs.

Using a predefined library of SAP Interactive Form technology covering:

  • Control and audit organizational activities
  • Legal and tax regulations
  • Global/Country specific documents: Language and Layout
  • Corporate identity and uniform formatting

SICOD can quickly modify predefined documents to adapt to your organizations requirements and giving the look and feel to the forms in alignment to your corporate identity.