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Developer career

SICOD is a fast growing IT company that operates successfully in the SAP market by creating value for our customers. SICOD achieves this by creating and developing high quality, innovative tools. We allow our consultants to deliver pragmatic and cost-effective solutions and services.
To continue our success story we are always looking for highly skilled and creative people to further enrich and strengthen our portfolio of IT solutions.

Software development at SICOD brings you face to face with new and complex requirements. We encourage independent, innovative thinking to overcome complex challenges each project brings. As a developer you work on our software portfolio and design, implement new features or create completely new tools depending on the requirements of our consultants and customers.

At the beginning of your developer career you receive training to learn SAP – relevant programming skills, like ABAP.

Starting from simple mini projects; we will provide you with support, access to knowledge and an environment in which you can thrive.
As you become more proficient you will get hands on experience by supporting our experienced team members, they will guide you through more and more complex tasks.
As the challenges become greater, the bigger the impact of your developer skills will be and therefore the bigger the recognition and the difference you can make in SICOD and to our customers.

While SAP projects are the core SICOD business there are additional opportunities to use your exist or learn skills in program code as SICOD is always looking to diversify and pursue new opportunities to grow our service/ product portfolio and allow you to grow with SICOD.